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Hi, I am Kelsey, the author of Permission to Fail Blog. This blog offers a forgiveness focused approach to how to master your productivity in your most authentic way. It is my mission to help empower millennial women like myself, so that we can give ourselves permission to fail in order to live our most authentic lives.


3 Study Techniques Applied to Self-Reflection

In this new journey of building a solid, self-aware foundation for myself, for pretty much the first time in almost 30 years, a big piece I am working on is self-reflection. And I mean deep, emotional, functional, gut-based self-reflection. In this education, I apply the same simple study techniques I used in college to my journey of self-reflection.

3 Steps to Foundational Self-Love

Just a like house needs a strong foundation before it can be built into the home of your dreams, you also need a strong foundation before you can step into your dream life. To ensure that we can maintain a high vibration kind of life that fulfills and fuels us, we need to strengthen our foundation with honest and vulnerable self-love, rooted in forgiveness. Use these 3 steps to dig down into your foundation and jump back into your goals, stronger and rooted into yourself.

Setting Goals

5 Steps for Setting Goals In Uncertain Times

Do you feel overwhelmed by 2020? I know I do. All I want to do is solve every problem, in my life and in the world. But then, one more thing comes along, and it feels like it’s do much to accomplish anything. In these moments, that’s when I turn to these 5 trusted steps for setting goals. No matter how tiny, it helps me get a handle on my motivation, and maybe even take one more step to saving the world.

My Action Wall: How use Creative Energy to Maintain Motivation

You could call it a command center, but it’s a little more than that. I call it my action wall because it has necessary scheduling and managed to dos, but it also has my vision board, my goals, dreams, aspirations, and big picture plans. It is my wall centered around taking action to live my most productive goal oriented authentic life.