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About Permission to Fail Blog

About the Author

My name is Kelsey, and I am so excited that you are joining me on this amazing journey. The Permission to Fail Blog is a place where I help to empower millennial women so that we can give ourselves permission to fail in order to live our most authentic lives. As you’ll find, this blog offers a forgiveness focused approach to how to master your productivity in your most authentic way. 

I started helping others find their own success as an academic achievement counselor to college students. I went through in-depth training related to goal achieving through practical skills that best aligned with different personality traits. I learned that strategies are most effective when they are authentic to your unique approach.  

My training includes:  

  • Time Management Strategies 
  • Goal Setting  
  • Accountability Plans 
  • Study Skills (applied to any learning based goal) 
  • Self-Evaluation  
  • Applying Myers-Briggs, Astrology, and Human Design Personality Types to All of the Above 

After that, I have continued to invest hours in my own self study. This has centered around finding my own route to success while fighting against my sometimes crippling fear of failure. I have created this blog to bring together my love of all things scheduling, goal setting, and organization with a level of forgiveness and self-love in otherwise rigid, results focused world. 

My Journey

I have struggled with a fear of failure that did nothing but hold me back for pretty much my whole life. It kept me from pushing myself in the sciences and trying out for school plays in high school. It kept me from studying abroad in college.  

It kept me from taking the LSATs and applying to law school 3 times. It kept me from leaving a very unhealthy relationship. It kept me from living a healthy lifestyle that my body and mind deserve.  

Really, the list goes on, and because I am diving headfirst into embracing failures, I am done being ashamed of these things, and I am done holding myself back.  

I have wanted to start a blog for at least 10 years, and finally, I just did it. I published this blog before it was even completed (largely by accident, but I embraced it!) and am giving myself the space to learn from whatever happens!  

While working to break free of my self-imposed chains, I have always found comfort in scheduling and defining my goals. That part I have never had a problem with. I could make lists and schedules and ideal routines and dream up my biggest goals forever. It’s the follow through that I always had trouble with.  

    Along the way, you will very likely be graced with pictures of my adventurous and strong willed toddler. Corny cliché aside, that girl is my ultimate inspiration, and an amazing teacher.  She is constantly falling down and tripping over her own feet, but she isn’t even fazed by it. She falls down with a smile on her face, and gets back up with an even bigger smile. 

    If I can show her fears around self development are just triggers to make us push harder, then I will have done my job showing her a better outlook than I had.  

    You will also learn about the many different interest and hobbies I have, probably right at the beginning when I am actually trying them out for the first time. I believe that we can learn from all aspects of our life, and like I said, my list of fears that held me back could go on and on, so most of what you read will very likely be based on an experience that I finally pushed myself to try.  

    Like gardening. I love the idea of producing as much as possible in my own home, and I actually planted my first starter veggies this summer. Things turned out fairly well with the tomatoes, cucumber and squash, but someone got an instant meal the second the peppers and basil were planted.  

    But I learned a little, and am empowered to continue to try out a fall and winter season.  

    I love getting outside and hiking, but there has been a fair amount of bear activity lately, and that’s a fear that I’m ok not getting past! We do have our safe hikes, and I’m working on it, I promise.  

    I love cooking and nerd out over home improvement shows. My passions are almost as extensive as the fears that have held me back, so at least I’ve maintained a nice balance!  

    I am looking forward to all the new insights this blog will bring, and hope that you will feel empowered to pursue all the things over which you might have been holding yourself back.  

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