3 Steps to Foundational Self-Love

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Welcome to September! I know I’m about a week late, but I felt this was a really good time to post what I am going to be focusing on this month.  

For me, September is going to be all about tapping into my vulnerability through these upcoming steps, so I am able to reach the foundations of myself, in order to cultivate honest self-love, and jump back into my goals as a stronger version of myself.  

I have been in a bit of a funk lately. July was a really high energy month full of ultra focused flow and creation. I started to hit some bumpy roads in August that threw me off a little bit. 

Too often, when I am in a state of creative flow, I forget about my body, the very vessel that enables the creativity to be realized. 

And then, because I put my long term needs on the back burner, I inevitably crash.  

I took almost 3 weeks off from publishing a post, and have learned a few lessons from that time: 

  1. If I track when I have low moments, I can prepare for them before they come.  
  2. Batching my time and creation will benefit me when those low moments come.  
  3. Sometimes I just need to cry.  

It’s that third one that was my breakthrough for foundational self-love.  

What is Foundational Self-Love?  

foundational self-love

Just a like house needs a strong foundation before it can be built into the home of your dreams, you also need a strong foundation before you can step into your dream life. 

If you spend too much time in your upper, creative state, and ignore the physical, grounding needs of your body, you will eventually crash, like I did.  

Maybe you have recently, too, and I want you to know that it is ok to feel sad, it is ok to feel vulnerable, and it is ok to love yourself through it all.  

If you get to a point where you feel burnt out, and feel like your goals and productivity are not in alignment, then it is the perfect time to remind yourself to get back to your roots, or foundation. 

Foundational self-love is deeper than just reminding yourself of your why, and deeper than any one of your goals. This is about the biggest goal of all—being in complete alignment with your authentic self. And from there, all other goals will be realized.  

To ensure that we can maintain a high vibration kind of life that fulfills and fuels us, we need to strengthen our foundation with honest and vulnerable self-love, rooted in forgiveness.  

This is a forgiveness focused approach, after all!  

We’ve scratched the surface before when discussing motivation, being overwhelmed, and setting up nightly and morning routines. But today, I’m here to dig deep, all the way down to our foundations.  

3 Steps to Foundational Self-Love: 

1. Be Vulnerable with Yourself 

In order to go back to your foundation and nurture self-love, you have to break down the walls keeping you from getting there.  

Being vulnerable with yourself enables you to face some feelings you may have been trying to suppress and push past. But in reality, refusing to face those feelings have been preventing you from moving forward in the first place.  

For me, this is usually when I need a really good cry. And good is a term I use lightly, because it is really a deep, ugly, wailing cry where I have to hydrate afterward.  

But I have also released a lot of tension that I didn’t even know I was holding. I have released to the point where I am standing at my foundation, and I can begin to give myself the love that I didn’t know I needed.  

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.” 

Steve Maraboli

Of course, this type of emotional processing is not something you can just turn on and check off your to do list.  

The key is to be aware that you are in need of some vulnerability, and cultivate an open, safe, and accepting mindset. 

In order to do this, all you need to do is take a step back. Be kind to yourself, watch movies, bake some brownies, have some hot cider. Get deep in your self-care comfort levels. And soon you might just be hit with an emotional breakthrough.  

Ride the wave when it comes, this is the key to being vulnerable. It may not be crying for you, but whatever it is, let it wash over you, and process what needs to be processed. 

Mine happened when I was watching the sequel to the Kissing Booth teen movie on Netflix. It was unexpected, but I embraced it nonetheless. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially if it feels like too much to handle on your own.  

This is the hardest step because you need to dig all the way into your foundation, a place you may have been out of touch with for a long time.  

I am not a professional, but I can only offer my own experiences. Therapy has been an extremely helpful and safe sounding board for whatever I am going through.  

It can be scary feeling the things you might have avoided for a long time. But it’s important to remember that real, big, meaningful growth doesn’t happen when we are comfortable.  

2. Give Yourself A Hug 

Chances are this is exactly the type of self-love that you need after breaking down your walls, facing your vulnerability, and standing at your foundation.  

It might feel cheesy at first if it’s not something you do often, or ever, but I promise you, it will feel really great.  

Go ahead, wrap your arms around your chest and give yourself the biggest, longest hug you need.  

How many times do you give your children or loved ones hugs, but you never think about yourself? It’s a little bit like the “put your oxygen mask on before you help others” concept on an airplane.  

Give yourself all that love that you send out to others. You deserve it just as much!  

3. Focus on Your Root Chakra 

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies, and the root chakra is where our grounding energy is. When channeled, we are tapped into safety and security, both physically and emotionally.  

It is the foundation upon which the rest of your energy lies. If you feel disconnected from yourself and your goals, it is important to ensure you are grounded and secure in your self.  

This is especially important when rebuilding your foundation. You have broken down your internal walls and allowed yourself to be vulnerable, you are now giving yourself the love you deserve. 

Now, this is where you strengthen the foundation to build back to where you can function at a long lasting, higher vibration. You can do this through meditation or grounding yoga.  

I strongly suggest meditation as it is the best way to direct this energy, but if that does not connect with you, go for a walk (barefoot if possible) and really focus on the ground beneath your feet.  

Stand and breathe for a moment, and feel how your feet are connected to the earth, and the energy channeling from your root into the earth.  

shaman, girl, gothic

You are connected, you are important. It is ok to be sad and vulnerable, because it is what brings you back to yourself. Center into foundational self-love, and you are about to come back stronger than ever. 

Bonus: Treat Yourself!  

Wow, that was a lot of work. Emotional breakthroughs and rebuilding can be hard and draining, and you need to remember to give yourself credit, and celebrate in a lighthearted way.  

You’re doing the work, you’re coming back into self-love. You’re being vulnerable and forgiving of yourself.  

Now do something that is fun and intentional. This is where the commercial meets the self-love & self-care. Sit in the bath with your most fancy bath bomb and a glass of wine, buy a new subscription box, get a pedicure, or do all three! 

Appreciate yourself for the amazing human that you are.  

Your path might sometimes get rocky, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s just an opportunity to return to and honor your foundational self-love.  

Focus on the lessons that have come out of the low moments, and the fact that you have the tools once you are ready to do the work and really give yourself that forgiveness and love that you deserve. 

I want to conclude by giving you all the credit for the low times you have gone through, and found a way to work your way out of it. I want to give you the credit for doing the work now.  

It can be so hard to have that breakthrough and really be vulnerable with yourself, and that is why I am focusing on that for September, and will keep it as a reminder for the future.  

What you’re feeling is legitimate. And it is ok if you need to take some time and just do the bare minimum. I believe in you, truly.  

Your Turn 

Do you struggle with reminding yourself to be vulnerable and give yourself the forgiveness that you deserve? Do you have strategies that have worked for you when reconnecting with your foundation? What are you working on for September?   

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