Permission to Fail

A blog that offers a forgiveness focused approach to how to master your productivity in your most authentic way.


To empower millennial women to give themselves permission to fail in order to achieve their goals and live their most authentic lives. 

Actionable Goal Setting

Establishing the Concrete Steps needed to achieve your goals

Authentic Accountability

Tracking your goals from a space of honest reflection

Adjust & Forgive

Honoring the need to change, and shifting the approach to the steps or the goal.

Hi There!

Hi! My name is Kelsey.

I am 29 years old, and I am working to give myself permission to fail every day.

For a significant portion of my life, I have let my fear of failure define the level of success I had, or the steps I took toward my goals. But recently, through a lot of growth and understanding of how I stood in the way of my own potential, I have promised myself that I never want to feel that way again.

Because of that, I started this blog. Giving myself the permission to fail means that I have acknowledged my fears, but will step into them, instead of walking away.

Please check out the About Me page for a little more information about what drives me and to learn about my vision for this blog.

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