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Permission to Fail Blog

A forgiveness focused approach to mastering productivity in your most authentic way

For the person who loves consuming productivity content, but has not found a system for you.

Reminding you that #productivitygoals is not just meant for other people.

The key to following through with your capital D dreams is here, waiting for you to grab it.


Digital Guides, Planners, and Journals for Authentic Productivity

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About Permission to Fail Blog

About Permission to Fail Blog

In the repeated silence of holding myself back from carrying out yet another monumental, life affirming idea, I heard a faint whisper, “give yourself permission to fail…”. I knew what I had to do: TRY.

Hi, I’m Kelsey, the author, and recovering member of the I can’t fail if I don’t do it club. I thought I had all the answers, and could foresee every outcome, so why even try when I already knew any attempt at anything new would just end up in a form of failure.

I can’t say I still don’t get those free-flowing fears, but I do make a serious effort to at least try…and that is pretty much the spirit of this blog. Permission to Fail Blog reexamines words we’ve all use pretty often: Failure, Productivity, Forgiveness, and Authenticity. 

The former you will find redefined & reframed to better serve this amazing experience called life, and the latter used in a way to remind ourselves to continue to live our unique, most amazing version of that life.

Check out the blog for in depth explorations of this forgiveness focused approach to authentic productivity, and shop the product suite for helpful guides, planners, and journals on how you can apply this approch to your own life, too!

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5 Key Features of
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